We became sisters when Melanie married my brother in 1999. At the time, my Mom ran an in home child care and I was in college, majoring in child development. In March of 2000, tragedy struck…my Mom, Dad, and younger brother, Ryan, were hit and killed by a drunk driver. During my childhood, my Mom was always working with children. When Ryan came along, I knew I would follow in her footsteps. Melanie took a job in a child care center right out of high school.


Over the years, she worked in many fields of education, but enjoyed child care the most. Melanie and I have always been close, but the accident brought us even closer.


We talked all the time about life and the future. I found out that Melanie had always been fascinated with the thought of owning her own business. I was finishing up college, hoping for more than your average daycare job. We had tossed ideas back and forth for a few years.


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