New Year’s Eve

Prices for our New Years Eve PJ Party (Dec 31st-Jan 1st, 5pm-9am):

All Inclusive…Food, Fun, Games & Projects, Movies & Popcorn, and  much more!

 Hourly: $10.50 per hour (2-12)

$12.50 per hour (Infants 0-2…hourly only, must be picked up by 1am)

    -Reservations Recommended*

    -Drop Ins welcome on the day of…if we still have room

Packages* (pre-paid by December 30th):

$65.00 flat 5pm-1am (2-12 only)

$80.00 flat 5pm-9am (4-12 only, unless the child 2-4 is well known to us and will have no trouble sleeping over)

    -Doors locked from 1am-7am, overnighters may be picked up between 7am and 9am…no later than 9am!

    -No price difference for siblings…as is, per child.







The Play and Date

The kids stay and play and you get to go out on a “Date”!

Monday through Friday 5pm-9pm for $25.00*

Includes dinner, yummy dessert, and tons of fun and games!

Sign up by 4pm the day of…

*(non transferable/refundable)